Social Responsibility

DesignElementi’s values reflect the way it operates: professional ethics in the relationships it establishes with business partners, employees and suppliers. DesignElementi acts with care and responsibility, also considering the social impact of its actions.

In its activities, DesignElementi is committed to preserving and sharing the traditions and values of the territory in synergy with local institutions by promoting cultural and social projects.

DesignElementi for contemporary art

DesignElementi in collaboration with Gaggenau and the non-profit organization CRAMUM presents an comprehensive project in support of contemporary art at Gaggenau DesignElementi showrooms in Milan and Rome.

CRAMUM is a non-profit project born to support artistic and cultural projects in Italy and abroad, with particular attention to young artists. The word “cramum” comes from Latin and means “cream”, the best part.

DesignElementi for the social

The recent pandemic has highlighted how interdependent we are and how every gesture reflects on the individuals of a community.

DesignElementi has reacted to the crisis by strengthening its social commitment by supporting the non-profit association Pane Quotidiano.

Pane Quotidiano is a lay, non-partisan, non-profit association, founded in Milan in 1898, with the aim of providing free food every day to anyone in need or vulnerable, without distinction of any kind. The Association operates at the two locations of Viale Toscana and Viale Monza.

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