Gaggenau washing machines and condenser dryers. A guarantee for your garments.

The Gaggenau energy class A+++ washing machines and condenser dryers offer large porthole with 180 ° door opening angle, illuminated drums for easy loading and unloading, and offer your garments the best treatment.

The Gaggenau series...

Gaggenau washing machine: superior care, maximum efficiency.

Low consumption in terms of both water and energy, low noise, excellent load capacity and extreme longevity; these are just some of the extraordinary features of a Gaggenau washing machine. The intelligent iDos system for automatic in-flow control of liquid detergent and softene, the anti-stain and anti-crease programs, and even the top-up function to add more clothes are other impressive features of a Gaggenau washing machine. So perfect that all you have to do is combine it with a Gaggenau condenser dryer.


Gaggenau condenser dryer: the revolution enters the house.

A Gaggenau condenser dryer provide load capacity up to 8 kg, self-cleaning heat exchanger to ensure low consumption, heat pump technology, humidity and time-controlled cycles and energy class A+++. Everything make it an indispensable appliance in any home.

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Gaggenau offers a 6-year free warranty extension.

Live the experience in showroom.

Details, doors, speed, intelligent programs, design, aesthetics, materials: there’s no better way to get closer to the world of Gaggenau washing machines and dryers than to experience them first-hand, trying out their functions in a DesignElementi showroom.

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