Gaggenau cooling centers. The long-lasting freshness.

Waht is the first requirement of any chef? Always have the selected ingredients at their disposal…and keep them fresh. Gaggenau cooling systems are equipped with technologies that adapt to food and its different storage needs; we are talking about refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezer combinations with different climate zones, separate, each with exceptional performance thanks to the highest cooling technologies.

The Gaggenau series...

Gaggenau Vario cooling combination 400 Series.
Design statement.

The triumph of modularity with a fully integrated design, to create walls with a eye-catching impact composed by combinations of refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezers and wine cabinets. All this is crowned by the visual uniformity and unique surface of stainless steel.
In addition cooling combinations are enriched by doors with pressure opening, glass shelves, combinations of stainless steel and anthracite anodized aluminum and anti-reflective white LED lighting.

Gaggenau Vario cooling combination 200 Series and 200 Series.
And the kitchen becomes extraordinary.

A line of cooling centres, refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers designed to adapt to the design of modern built-in kitchens, maintaining the internal volume larger than other brands thanks to the transfer of some essential technological components to the base of appliance. In the same product Gaggenau offers the best space, performance and energy efficiency.

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Gaggenau offers a 6-year free warranty extension.

Live the experience in he showroom.

Visit the nearest DesignElementi showroom to experience Gaggenau: literally touch the different cooling intensities, open a refrigerator or freezer by applying a light pressure, explore the interiors, test the lighting.

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